What Sets Us Apart

With 50 years' combined experience in the construction industry, we know the difference it makes to the success of a project when high calibre construction personnel are employed.

Whilst other suppliers may find people to 'make up the numbers', we stake our reputation on only providing capable and competent workers that have a proven track record of outstanding performance. 

We have personally trained and worked with many of the personnel we provide to sites and we know they are of the highest standard in terms of training, skills and experience.

We understand the industry because we work in the industry.

About Us - The Directors
Chris James has nearly 30 years' experience in the construction industry.  Starting on site at 16 years old, Chris earned his Carpenter's trade before rising through the ranks to Works Manager.  He has worked on large marine, tunnel and infrastructure projects for BAM Nuttall, Graham Construction and Lendlease.
Email:  christopher.james@constructionpersonnel.co.uk
Phone: 077 3945 4720

Craig James is a  with over 20 years' experience managing the construction of large projects  including the London Olympics site and Kings Cross Development.  He has worked as a Works Manager for BAM Nuttall and DJ Civils.
Email:  craig.james@constructionpersonnel.co.uk
Phone:  077 5329 0819